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Extraterrestrial Secrets
4.57 / 14 rating
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Extraterrestrial Secrets

The girl I fell in love with is… an alien!? I, the class president, happened to fall in love with my classmate, the eccentric Haru. I confessed my feelings, but her true identity was an extraterrestrial who came to Earth to survey it. “I still like you!” I started going out with Haru, but I have a further “secret” to keep…
Released 2023
Posted On 167 days ago
Updated On 139 days ago
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Underrated in my opinion, but not the best either
2024-07-02 04:06:46
the plot twist got me it was ok and all just maybe a little more plot and story would make it better but overall it was mid
2024-05-16 01:01:47
It was average, expected more from it.
2024-05-11 08:52:26

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