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Record of Ragnarok
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Record of Ragnarok

Record of Ragnarok - Above the human realm, the deities of Ancient Greek, Norse mythology, and Hinduism convene under the leadership of Zeus to determine the fate of humanity. Every millennium, they gather to decide whether human existence should continue. Unfortunately, due to human mistreatment of each other and the planet, the gods unanimously vote to end humanity in this gathering. As the council prepares to finalize their decree, Brunhild, a Valkyrie demigod, proposes a daring alternative plan. Instead of ending mankind, humans should be given an opportunity to prove themselves in a one-on-one showdown called Ragnarök. The divine council finds Brunhild's suggestion bold but acceptable, thinking it will illustrate the gods' superiority. To make this work, Brunhild must gather the most significant figures in history to fight against the all-powerful heavens. Otherwise, humanity's end would be inevitable.
Released 24 November 2017
Posted On 261 days ago
Updated On 3 days ago
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